Frequently Asked Questions about Borderwall as Architecture: A Manifesto for the U.S. – Mexico Boundary:

Q: Is your new book about designing walls for Trump?

A: No. It is a field guide to the 650 miles of wall already in place, and proposes design solutions that build along side, directly on, or in place of the existing wall, as a way to repair the damage caused by the wall.

Q: Does your book endorse the construction of new walls?

A: No. The book is a biography and history of the wall, and is hopeful that if we understand the decades of mistakes made by constructing walls along our southern border, then perhaps it will be clear why new walls should not be constructed.

Q: Is your proposal “Cactus Wall” intended to hurt people?

A: No. The Cactus Wall calls for the removal of the wall and is a proposal to restore Organ Pipe National Monument by replanting in areas damaged by the construction, maintenance and patrolling of the wall, which has damaged that wilderness area.